the quality of being meager

"an exiguity of cloth that would only allow of miniature capes"-George Eliot

Syn: ↑meagerness, ↑meagreness, ↑leanness, ↑poorness, ↑scantiness, ↑scantness
Derivationally related forms:
exiguous, ↑scant (for: ↑scantness), ↑scanty (for: ↑scantiness), ↑poor (for: ↑poorness), ↑lean (for: ↑leanness), ↑meagre (for: ↑meagreness), ↑meager (for: ↑meagerness)
Hypernyms: ↑insufficiency, ↑inadequacy, ↑deficiency
Hyponyms: ↑wateriness, ↑abstemiousness, ↑sparseness, ↑spareness, ↑sparsity, ↑thinness

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